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Pro-gamer’s Life (Grade)

The life of a pro-gamers is not very pleasant. Most players start playing games for fun, but when it becomes one’s job, it starts to become stressful. In order to be a famous pro-gamer, one must play at least ten to fifteen hours a day and give up everything; therefore, most of the pro-gamers do not have girlfriends. Even though, a person does something they like, it is very difficult to do it for a long time, which makes pro-gamer a strenuous job. Also, pro-gamers are not able to keep their job for a long time because of their physical difficulties. Thus, pro-gamer is not an easy job that everyone can handle.

Many people do not respect pro-gamer as a job because it is nothing related to academics. They think that players are happy as they play the game. However, when it comes to winning and losing in a tournament to earn their living, the players begin to feel pressured, which makes game no longer fun. Most importantly, there are thousands of people who are trying out to become a pro-gamer; nevertheless, only about three out of thousand people become become a professional. Therefore, one must have a lot of effort to accomplish his or her goals.

As soon as one become a pro-gamer, they believe that they could win every tournaments and receive enough money from the sponsors. Nonetheless, this is not true because every other pro-gamers spend same or more time on games, which makes everyone very challenging to play. Most of times, one pro-gamer defeats everyone and receives all the prizes. Therefore, pro-gamers are not able to win a lot of tournaments, which makes them lose their jobs very easily.

The most stressful part of pro-gamer is that they do not have time to spend with their family and friends. During the whole year, they only visit their home for a week, which gives that hard time to live without their parents. Some netizens say that it would be nice to be away from their parents; however pro-gamers are suffering from not meeting their family for a long time. Therefore, pro-gamer is not an easy job as one think it is.

The life of pro-gamer can be considered as the life in Brave New World. The pro-gamers are all occupied by computer and they are conditioned to only play games during their life. In Brave New World people are occupied with soma and sexual relationship and they are already conditioned to be what they are. For pro-gamers, they do not have enough time to spend alone and think for themselves because they have constantly play games until they go to bed. The same situation is shown in Brave New World because they do not have the time to think about general ideas. Thus, there are many similarities between Brave New World and pro-gamer’s life.


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Warcraft is very similar to Starcraft due to having very similar strategies. Unlike Starcraft the game has four different series. It has Warcraft: Orcs and Humans; Warcraft Tides of Darkness; Warcraft lll: Reign of Chaos; and World of Warcraft. These games are all strategy games that requires a lot of thinking. The players have to think a lot to defeat their enemy. The setting of the games are in the world of Azeroth, which is a high fantasy setting. The main focus of the setting is on human and the orcs have arrived from another world, which is referred as Draenor or Outland. Then the story begins. Unlike Starcraft Warcraft actually has some story.

Around the world, this game is considered the most addicting game that people play. The people are not able to help themselves from playing World of Warcraft. They play games about six to seven hours a day with their characters. The people say that they are not addicted to the game; however they are very addicted to the game. In this game there are also different races. For example there are orcs, humans, night elf, and undead. People tend to play night elf or orcs because those two are the races that are the easiest. Undead is the hardest to play. Unlike these people I play human. The company that owns this game is Blizzard Entertainment, which made Starcraft, too.

Due to this game, many people are being game addicts who cannot be successful socially. Even though the game is fun, people should find different things that could make them happy, such as reading.



Since 1999 in Korea, there has been a television channel for computer games called Ongamenet. The purpose of the channel is to have professional gamers play against each other until there is one person left to win a tournament. Most of the times, games such as Starcraft and Warcraft has been played in Ongamenet. Interestingly in the tournaments, the players mainly did not aim for the championship prizes, instead they just wanted to have fun while they are playing games. However, in April sixteenth, police found out that some players were paid to fix matches with illegal betting. I was disappointed.

The some people in Korea view the incident unacceptable and they believe that the game program is now untrustworthy; therefore it should be shutdown. However, majority of the people trust the program, so there is a scarce possibility that it would be shutdown. Due to the conflict most people question, “Why might the famous pro-gamers who receive about hundred million won each year, want to risk their job by match-fixing and earning only one million won per game.” I had the same question. I found out that pro-gamers are not able to keep their job for a very long time due to their physical problems; therefore, they wanted to earn as much money as possible while they can work. In my opinion, the pro-gamers were not matured enough to control the temptation toward money. However, the netizens believe that all the pro-gamers are like the ones who fixed the games and they should all go to jail. I think differently and I trust the other players who did not fix the games or illegally betted. Even for the players who fixed the match, they should have another opportunity to prove that they are better people. I am sure that they have learned their lesson from the criticism they got from the world.

It was not only the netizens who were angry at the player, there were also old pro-gamers who were exceedingly infuriated by the accident. Most of the people believe that the old pro-gamers have the right to be angry because they were the ones who made the game program possible and created jobs for the current pro-gamers. I agree, if it was not for the old pro-gamers, Ongamenet should have not existed because they could not get popularity among the world. Also, they worked diligently and made game fun for everyone; however the players who fixed the game just ruined all the hard work. Therefore, the players who fixed matches should beg for forgiveness from the old gamers.



It is a game that was made in thirty first of March in 1998. This game was really popular when it was first established in that year. A lot of people were looking forward to the game before it even came out before. Therefore, Starcraft was able to gain a lot of popularity until now and succeeded in earning a lot of money.

The three main races in the game are Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. According to Blizzard, the company that established Starcraft, the races are equally balanced and the people are able to play the game without a lot of disadvantage when they start.

The characteristics of Terran is that it can have heavy units that has strong damage such as siege tank and goliath. However, it could have marine, firebat, and medic that could have a good mobility. The heavy units are generally more expensive than the units that are cheap with low health.

For Protoss, they are able to have many units that are very expensive. Unlike Terran, Protoss usually have a lot of expensive units. They have units such as Zealot, Dragoon, and High Templar that are very expensive compare to other races. they are generally really slow, but they are strong. If Protoss has a lot of mineral and gas, it could have a invincible army.

Zerg’s characteristics are that their units are very cheap compare to Protoss and Terran. Also, they are able to have a lot of units compare to amount of their resources. Unlike the other races, it makes its units from Hatchery, Lair, and Hive. The other races produce units from certain buildings such as Gateway and Robotics. However, Zerg is totally different from the others. Zerg is able to fight the enemy without a lot of strong units. Therefore, it can move around the map really quickly and fight the other units. This is very significant characteristics because it does not have to fight if it does not want to.

In order to create the units, the people need to gather mineral and vespene gas. These two resources are the main resources to create the units. The person with a lot of these resources is able to fight the other person. Usually, the person with the resources win the game.

This game is considered one of the most addicting games in the world that people play. Since this game is very popular people are able to access and play it very often. Even I have played this game for very long time and got addicted to it. One time I have played this game for twelve hours straight and go crazy about it. Therefore, I recommend not playing too much Starcraft.




Games can be productive if we play just right amount of time. However, games are overplayed it can severely affect one’s health and eventually kill him or her. When game addicts play games regularly, they are able to get good grades and maintain good relationship with their friends. Nevertheless, video game addiction will cause them to overweight and eye problems. If these things occur physically. The gamers are going to suffer a lot. Also, they are going to have a lot of problems mentally because they do not have real friends. Even though they are able to control their own world in games such as World of Warcraft, they are not able to face the reality in the world. Eventually the game addicts are going to be corrupted and fail socially.

Addicts can be helped..

To support the addicts from being addicts, we need to stop the addicts when they are playing games. We cannot just watch them play. We have to take them to the doctor and cure them immediately. The games will lead them to health and mental failure. Before they seem to get into a lot of health problems, we should send them to a doctor and help them. There was an incident in Korea, where a person helped game addict to become a normal person. He did it by taking the addicts mouse and keyboard away. Also, he brought the doctor into the addict’s house and cured him. Therefore, we as students and adults are able to support the game addicts and make them a better person than they are right now.

A lot of the game addicts are trying to deny the fact that they are game addicts. People say that they can stop game any time they want; however the addicts are not able to. Usually the addicts make up excuses and just play games and cancel the meeting with other people. Even though they say that they are only playing fifteen hours a day, from a normal people’s point of view that is a lot. A normal person would not be able to spend that much time just playing games.  Also, if people are not able to be stable without games then they are considered as an addict. Therefore, it is very easy to distinguish people from being an addict or not.


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Family Conflicts

Many parents are just ignoring their child and busy with their own work. The students who are obsessed to games usually have parents who are single parent or both parents are working. Therefore the parents do not really know about their child’s addiction. This causes severe problem for the addicts because they are not able to get treated by the doctors when they need treatment. While addicts are playing games the parents tell them to stop; however the students get angry at their parents and keeps on playing while ignoring their parents. Thus, the parents are usually really angry at their kid who does not have spend doing other things.

While the parents are out of their house they are not able to watch their kid, which makes a lot of trouble for the kid. For myself, whenever my parents left the house, I played game because it is the only time I am really available to play games. One time I played eight hours straight when my parents were not at my house. However, when my parents found out that I played, my parents were surprised and they tried to stop me from playing games. At that time, I was not myself and kept playing games. However, I had to stop because my mom took the computer away. I was really angry at my parents because they took the computer. However, now I noticed that my parents were doing the right thing for me because I was really addicted to games, which was corrupting me severely. In one incident, there was a news article about a student threatening to murder their parents because they took computer away from the addicts. This demonstrates how the addicts are really scary people who cares about games than anything else around the world.




Impact on children

Do they need medication?

Some people believe that the diseases that people get from the video games are not curable. However with modern technology it is possible for people to cure the disease. There are twelve steps to cure the disease. Recently, some scientists named Smith and Jones first specialized online gaming treatment program. Therefore, they are boasting about the technology. First they cut down the time they play games little by little. Also, there are medication that helps them to regulate their hormone releases. The scientists say that treating the RPG game addicts is much difficult than treating someone who is addicted to drugs of alcohol. Due to fact that the addicts are out from the real world they are not able to regulate their game playing time. They have problem in distinguishing the reality and the hallucination. The doctors try to treat the patient with quite similar medication as it is used for drug addicts. Even though, there is a cure around the world, not many people are meeting up with the doctor and talking about their addiction. Usually they just ignore the medication and jut keeps on playing their games until they really become corrupted at the end. Therefore, game addiction can lead people to death if they are not treated soon enough.







Adults get Addicted Too!!

These days, the game World of Warcraft and Role Playing Games are severely affecting the adults, too. The people who plays about fifteen hours each day are usually adults who have problem. In personal computer room there are usually people who playing a full day continuously. These are people are not able to control themselves from computer games. Therefore, they are addicts, too. Also, the person who died from too much computer game was an adult instead of a child. Thus, the video game addiction for adults is more severe than for the kids.
Even though none of my family members play games, I know that some adults are playing games after work and before work. Also, for people who does not have work, they play basically the whole day. Since these people do not have any jobs, they have nothing to do at home; consequently, they play games so much and they are not able to control themselves, which causes severe damage in their mind and body. If adults go to work, they cannot play while they are at work; however, the unemployed workers stays home and has nothing to do therefore, they tend to get addicted easily. Also, they need to relieve stress some where. The game addicts usually relieve their stress while they are playing games. Therefore, some adults are in even worse case than some kids.


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