Many parents are just ignoring their child and busy with their own work. The students who are obsessed to games usually have parents who are single parent or both parents are working. Therefore the parents do not really know about their child’s addiction. This causes severe problem for the addicts because they are not able to get treated by the doctors when they need treatment. While addicts are playing games the parents tell them to stop; however the students get angry at their parents and keeps on playing while ignoring their parents. Thus, the parents are usually really angry at their kid who does not have spend doing other things.

While the parents are out of their house they are not able to watch their kid, which makes a lot of trouble for the kid. For myself, whenever my parents left the house, I played game because it is the only time I am really available to play games. One time I played eight hours straight when my parents were not at my house. However, when my parents found out that I played, my parents were surprised and they tried to stop me from playing games. At that time, I was not myself and kept playing games. However, I had to stop because my mom took the computer away. I was really angry at my parents because they took the computer. However, now I noticed that my parents were doing the right thing for me because I was really addicted to games, which was corrupting me severely. In one incident, there was a news article about a student threatening to murder their parents because they took computer away from the addicts. This demonstrates how the addicts are really scary people who cares about games than anything else around the world.




Impact on children