The life of a pro-gamers is not very pleasant. Most players start playing games for fun, but when it becomes one’s job, it starts to become stressful. In order to be a famous pro-gamer, one must play at least ten to fifteen hours a day and give up everything; therefore, most of the pro-gamers do not have girlfriends. Even though, a person does something they like, it is very difficult to do it for a long time, which makes pro-gamer a strenuous job. Also, pro-gamers are not able to keep their job for a long time because of their physical difficulties. Thus, pro-gamer is not an easy job that everyone can handle.

Many people do not respect pro-gamer as a job because it is nothing related to academics. They think that players are happy as they play the game. However, when it comes to winning and losing in a tournament to earn their living, the players begin to feel pressured, which makes game no longer fun. Most importantly, there are thousands of people who are trying out to become a pro-gamer; nevertheless, only about three out of thousand people become become a professional. Therefore, one must have a lot of effort to accomplish his or her goals.

As soon as one become a pro-gamer, they believe that they could win every tournaments and receive enough money from the sponsors. Nonetheless, this is not true because every other pro-gamers spend same or more time on games, which makes everyone very challenging to play. Most of times, one pro-gamer defeats everyone and receives all the prizes. Therefore, pro-gamers are not able to win a lot of tournaments, which makes them lose their jobs very easily.

The most stressful part of pro-gamer is that they do not have time to spend with their family and friends. During the whole year, they only visit their home for a week, which gives that hard time to live without their parents. Some netizens say that it would be nice to be away from their parents; however pro-gamers are suffering from not meeting their family for a long time. Therefore, pro-gamer is not an easy job as one think it is.

The life of pro-gamer can be considered as the life in Brave New World. The pro-gamers are all occupied by computer and they are conditioned to only play games during their life. In Brave New World people are occupied with soma and sexual relationship and they are already conditioned to be what they are. For pro-gamers, they do not have enough time to spend alone and think for themselves because they have constantly play games until they go to bed. The same situation is shown in Brave New World because they do not have the time to think about general ideas. Thus, there are many similarities between Brave New World and pro-gamer’s life.


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