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Adults get Addicted Too!!

These days, the game World of Warcraft and Role Playing Games are severely affecting the adults, too. The people who plays about fifteen hours each day are usually adults who have problem. In personal computer room there are usually people who playing a full day continuously. These are people are not able to control themselves from computer games. Therefore, they are addicts, too. Also, the person who died from too much computer game was an adult instead of a child. Thus, the video game addiction for adults is more severe than for the kids.
Even though none of my family members play games, I know that some adults are playing games after work and before work. Also, for people who does not have work, they play basically the whole day. Since these people do not have any jobs, they have nothing to do at home; consequently, they play games so much and they are not able to control themselves, which causes severe damage in their mind and body. If adults go to work, they cannot play while they are at work; however, the unemployed workers stays home and has nothing to do therefore, they tend to get addicted easily. Also, they need to relieve stress some where. The game addicts usually relieve their stress while they are playing games. Therefore, some adults are in even worse case than some kids.


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Recently, in South Korea there has been a incident where a person died in a personal computer room also known as PC room. This person was so addicted to games and stayed in the PC room for 3 day straight without resting. He was not able to overcome the addiction and stay alive. This is an example of the effect of game addiction. You can see that game is very harmful to people and it could really kill a person. Playing games for three day might seem short, but it is actually a quite along time if you try it. I have personally tried playing game for 10 hours straight while I was in middle school and it was a really long time. Also, I did not use my time wisely and I wasted my day. Therefore, game addiction can put you into death and waste a lot of time in you life.
The most game addiction occur while people are teenagers. Due to the addiction, the teenagers are spending most of their time playing video games and not doing their homework. Also, the students who play games usually do not get good grades and they sleep during class because they play game until 3 o’clock in the morning. Most importantly, the game addicts do not spend their time with their friends and they live alone. This makes the addicts have very depressing life. When the teenage addicts are away from game for a while, they cannot stand the addiction and they feel irritated. Thus, excessive time spent on games is not good for student’s health.

The incident where Cho Seung Hui shot students in the college was the effect of game addiction. Cho has played game for very long time and he found that killing people was not a difficult thing to do. Then he chose to kill people with pistols. This demonstrates the harmful effect of game addiction in the society.


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