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Adults get Addicted Too!!

These days, the game World of Warcraft and Role Playing Games are severely affecting the adults, too. The people who plays about fifteen hours each day are usually adults who have problem. In personal computer room there are usually people who playing a full day continuously. These are people are not able to control themselves from computer games. Therefore, they are addicts, too. Also, the person who died from too much computer game was an adult instead of a child. Thus, the video game addiction for adults is more severe than for the kids.
Even though none of my family members play games, I know that some adults are playing games after work and before work. Also, for people who does not have work, they play basically the whole day. Since these people do not have any jobs, they have nothing to do at home; consequently, they play games so much and they are not able to control themselves, which causes severe damage in their mind and body. If adults go to work, they cannot play while they are at work; however, the unemployed workers stays home and has nothing to do therefore, they tend to get addicted easily. Also, they need to relieve stress some where. The game addicts usually relieve their stress while they are playing games. Therefore, some adults are in even worse case than some kids.


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People tend to play games because they are very stressed out. As for myself, I play games when I am very stressed out, too. Whenever, I get scolded by my parents or gets bad grade in some of classes, I really get angry and have to play games to relieve my stress. Also, there are people who wants to manipulate their own world and have control over it. For example, World of Warcraft is game where one person can control their own world. Therefore, people who does not have the control over the real world tend to play games such as World of Warcraft, where one can play and manipulate the world. Also, there are people who plays games to just get along with friends and compete. This brings friends together and it helps your social problem. Thus, people play games to get satisfaction and happiness in their own way.
Around the world there are variety people and these people have different way of relieving their stress. Some people eat and some other people sleep to get their satisfaction. However, there are people who gets their happiness from video games. For example, in my school, there are so many kids who are playing games to relieve their stress of school work. These students are not able to stand the stress without playing games everyday. Thus, they lose their control and gets into game addiction in normal case. Out of the 40% of students who play games, there are about 10% of them just to relieve their stress. This demonstrates that game is a good way to feel relieved.

Many people around the world wants to gain control over their own world; therefore, people are playing games to get that control. In games there are no rules that people have to follow. We have the control and we make the rules. Thus, this attraction brings people into games and makes them to get addicted. Especially the people who plays World of Warcraft likes video games because they are able to make their own world. While people are playing games they feel like a tyrant who gets to manipulate other people. Due to this powerful attraction, people get into video game addiction.
Most of the forty percent of the students play games to get along with their friends. If there are students who are playing Call Off Duty or Startcraft, to fit into the group, one must play those games or else they will be a social outcast. Games are able to bring friends together and make their team work. While friends are together they feel really happy because they are having fun together. Therefore, people play games to be happy in their own world.


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