Some people believe that the diseases that people get from the video games are not curable. However with modern technology it is possible for people to cure the disease. There are twelve steps to cure the disease. Recently, some scientists named Smith and Jones first specialized online gaming treatment program. Therefore, they are boasting about the technology. First they cut down the time they play games little by little. Also, there are medication that helps them to regulate their hormone releases. The scientists say that treating the RPG game addicts is much difficult than treating someone who is addicted to drugs of alcohol. Due to fact that the addicts are out from the real world they are not able to regulate their game playing time. They have problem in distinguishing the reality and the hallucination. The doctors try to treat the patient with quite similar medication as it is used for drug addicts. Even though, there is a cure around the world, not many people are meeting up with the doctor and talking about their addiction. Usually they just ignore the medication and jut keeps on playing their games until they really become corrupted at the end. Therefore, game addiction can lead people to death if they are not treated soon enough.