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Games can be productive if we play just right amount of time. However, games are overplayed it can severely affect one’s health and eventually kill him or her. When game addicts play games regularly, they are able to get good grades and maintain good relationship with their friends. Nevertheless, video game addiction will cause them to overweight and eye problems. If these things occur physically. The gamers are going to suffer a lot. Also, they are going to have a lot of problems mentally because they do not have real friends. Even though they are able to control their own world in games such as World of Warcraft, they are not able to face the reality in the world. Eventually the game addicts are going to be corrupted and fail socially.


Games are able to increase one’s happiness and their use of knowledge; however it usually affects them in more bad way. For example, people gain weight due to loss of exercise time. They are not able to control their diet. Most importantly, game addicts are not able to make friends with other people. Due to these factors, people change socially and physically. They will have very difficult time to go back into society after the addiction. I have seen a friend who shakes his hands if he is not playing games. Therefore, games are very powerful thing that could manipulate one’s mind and body.
Some of my friends have gain weight due to playing games. Some of my friends gained about 10 kilometer after playing games and they do not look good. As they play more games they tend to get fatter every day. This ruins their body shape. Most importantly, students are suppose to sleep about eight hours a day; however, they are not if they are addicted to games. The average addicted students sleep about four to six hours a day. Therefore, they have very difficult time managing their health benefit. About an year ago, there was a person in Korea who died due to game addiction. He was staying in PC room for five day straight and he was not able to control himself. Also, he did not drink or eat. Therefore, due to his video game addiction his health failed on him. Lastly, one’s eye site gets worse. Not many of the game addicts do not wear glasses or contacts. Usually their eye sites are below zero, which is really harmful to their health. Later they need to get a surgery in their eye to make their eyes better. Thus, game addiction corrupts one physically.
Game addicts do not spend their time talking to their parents or friends. Most of them just  spend most of time with their computer. They cannot be socially active. Therefore, game addicts lose many friends and fails to be in good parents relationship. Most importantly, their grades go down. Some of my friends began a new video game called Heroes of Newerth also known as HON. I heard that they play about three to six hours a day and are not able to manage their time very well. Consequently, it leads to procrastination and fail in class. Therefore games are scary things that could actually kill a person physically and mentally.


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