Since 1999 in Korea, there has been a television channel for computer games called Ongamenet. The purpose of the channel is to have professional gamers play against each other until there is one person left to win a tournament. Most of the times, games such as Starcraft and Warcraft has been played in Ongamenet. Interestingly in the tournaments, the players mainly did not aim for the championship prizes, instead they just wanted to have fun while they are playing games. However, in April sixteenth, police found out that some players were paid to fix matches with illegal betting. I was disappointed.

The some people in Korea view the incident unacceptable and they believe that the game program is now untrustworthy; therefore it should be shutdown. However, majority of the people trust the program, so there is a scarce possibility that it would be shutdown. Due to the conflict most people question, “Why might the famous pro-gamers who receive about hundred million won each year, want to risk their job by match-fixing and earning only one million won per game.” I had the same question. I found out that pro-gamers are not able to keep their job for a very long time due to their physical problems; therefore, they wanted to earn as much money as possible while they can work. In my opinion, the pro-gamers were not matured enough to control the temptation toward money. However, the netizens believe that all the pro-gamers are like the ones who fixed the games and they should all go to jail. I think differently and I trust the other players who did not fix the games or illegally betted. Even for the players who fixed the match, they should have another opportunity to prove that they are better people. I am sure that they have learned their lesson from the criticism they got from the world.

It was not only the netizens who were angry at the player, there were also old pro-gamers who were exceedingly infuriated by the accident. Most of the people believe that the old pro-gamers have the right to be angry because they were the ones who made the game program possible and created jobs for the current pro-gamers. I agree, if it was not for the old pro-gamers, Ongamenet should have not existed because they could not get popularity among the world. Also, they worked diligently and made game fun for everyone; however the players who fixed the game just ruined all the hard work. Therefore, the players who fixed matches should beg for forgiveness from the old gamers.