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Pro-gamer’s Life (Grade)

The life of a pro-gamers is not very pleasant. Most players start playing games for fun, but when it becomes one’s job, it starts to become stressful. In order to be a famous pro-gamer, one must play at least ten to fifteen hours a day and give up everything; therefore, most of the pro-gamers do not have girlfriends. Even though, a person does something they like, it is very difficult to do it for a long time, which makes pro-gamer a strenuous job. Also, pro-gamers are not able to keep their job for a long time because of their physical difficulties. Thus, pro-gamer is not an easy job that everyone can handle.

Many people do not respect pro-gamer as a job because it is nothing related to academics. They think that players are happy as they play the game. However, when it comes to winning and losing in a tournament to earn their living, the players begin to feel pressured, which makes game no longer fun. Most importantly, there are thousands of people who are trying out to become a pro-gamer; nevertheless, only about three out of thousand people become become a professional. Therefore, one must have a lot of effort to accomplish his or her goals.

As soon as one become a pro-gamer, they believe that they could win every tournaments and receive enough money from the sponsors. Nonetheless, this is not true because every other pro-gamers spend same or more time on games, which makes everyone very challenging to play. Most of times, one pro-gamer defeats everyone and receives all the prizes. Therefore, pro-gamers are not able to win a lot of tournaments, which makes them lose their jobs very easily.

The most stressful part of pro-gamer is that they do not have time to spend with their family and friends. During the whole year, they only visit their home for a week, which gives that hard time to live without their parents. Some netizens say that it would be nice to be away from their parents; however pro-gamers are suffering from not meeting their family for a long time. Therefore, pro-gamer is not an easy job as one think it is.

The life of pro-gamer can be considered as the life in Brave New World. The pro-gamers are all occupied by computer and they are conditioned to only play games during their life. In Brave New World people are occupied with soma and sexual relationship and they are already conditioned to be what they are. For pro-gamers, they do not have enough time to spend alone and think for themselves because they have constantly play games until they go to bed. The same situation is shown in Brave New World because they do not have the time to think about general ideas. Thus, there are many similarities between Brave New World and pro-gamer’s life.


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It is a game that was made in thirty first of March in 1998. This game was really popular when it was first established in that year. A lot of people were looking forward to the game before it even came out before. Therefore, Starcraft was able to gain a lot of popularity until now and succeeded in earning a lot of money.

The three main races in the game are Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. According to Blizzard, the company that established Starcraft, the races are equally balanced and the people are able to play the game without a lot of disadvantage when they start.

The characteristics of Terran is that it can have heavy units that has strong damage such as siege tank and goliath. However, it could have marine, firebat, and medic that could have a good mobility. The heavy units are generally more expensive than the units that are cheap with low health.

For Protoss, they are able to have many units that are very expensive. Unlike Terran, Protoss usually have a lot of expensive units. They have units such as Zealot, Dragoon, and High Templar that are very expensive compare to other races. they are generally really slow, but they are strong. If Protoss has a lot of mineral and gas, it could have a invincible army.

Zerg’s characteristics are that their units are very cheap compare to Protoss and Terran. Also, they are able to have a lot of units compare to amount of their resources. Unlike the other races, it makes its units from Hatchery, Lair, and Hive. The other races produce units from certain buildings such as Gateway and Robotics. However, Zerg is totally different from the others. Zerg is able to fight the enemy without a lot of strong units. Therefore, it can move around the map really quickly and fight the other units. This is very significant characteristics because it does not have to fight if it does not want to.

In order to create the units, the people need to gather mineral and vespene gas. These two resources are the main resources to create the units. The person with a lot of these resources is able to fight the other person. Usually, the person with the resources win the game.

This game is considered one of the most addicting games in the world that people play. Since this game is very popular people are able to access and play it very often. Even I have played this game for very long time and got addicted to it. One time I have played this game for twelve hours straight and go crazy about it. Therefore, I recommend not playing too much Starcraft.



Recently, in South Korea there has been a incident where a person died in a personal computer room also known as PC room. This person was so addicted to games and stayed in the PC room for 3 day straight without resting. He was not able to overcome the addiction and stay alive. This is an example of the effect of game addiction. You can see that game is very harmful to people and it could really kill a person. Playing games for three day might seem short, but it is actually a quite along time if you try it. I have personally tried playing game for 10 hours straight while I was in middle school and it was a really long time. Also, I did not use my time wisely and I wasted my day. Therefore, game addiction can put you into death and waste a lot of time in you life.
The most game addiction occur while people are teenagers. Due to the addiction, the teenagers are spending most of their time playing video games and not doing their homework. Also, the students who play games usually do not get good grades and they sleep during class because they play game until 3 o’clock in the morning. Most importantly, the game addicts do not spend their time with their friends and they live alone. This makes the addicts have very depressing life. When the teenage addicts are away from game for a while, they cannot stand the addiction and they feel irritated. Thus, excessive time spent on games is not good for student’s health.

The incident where Cho Seung Hui shot students in the college was the effect of game addiction. Cho has played game for very long time and he found that killing people was not a difficult thing to do. Then he chose to kill people with pistols. This demonstrates the harmful effect of game addiction in the society.


The Game’s effect


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Due to advanced technology and invention of video games, people are playing games in their daily lives. However, it is good for one’s metal health if they spend regulated amount of time on games. Today, people are addicted to games and they are not able to escape from the addiction. Over forty percent of the teenagers are currently involved in video games. Even worse about half them are into the risk of game addiction. These teenagers spend about one to fifteen hours a day just playing games. The effect of this is severe because their grades are going to go down and they will be in bad relationship their friends. Therefore, games are good if one can control oneself; however, it brings bad results if one fails to manage their time.

The games are so addicting to people because they have the same effect as the drugs. The people are not able to stand the addiction and they have to play games; unless they are going to get angry. According to the people who play World of Warcraft, they said that they are not able to control their time well and spend time with their friends. If they do not play games, they said that they go crazy. Thus, they got into impulse control disorder. These people cannot stay still without playing games. Therefore, video games are disuniting the world.

Games are not always bad for someone; sometimes it gives people short happiness. Games help the students to get together and learn about team work and strategy. This helps the students to use their brain and make new ideas to develop their character or defeat others. However, as people play games, they tend to lose control. Therefore, if games are regulated, it is good to play video games and play with their friends in the game.


Game Addiction


Game Addiction