Warcraft is very similar to Starcraft due to having very similar strategies. Unlike Starcraft the game has four different series. It has Warcraft: Orcs and Humans; Warcraft Tides of Darkness; Warcraft lll: Reign of Chaos; and World of Warcraft. These games are all strategy games that requires a lot of thinking. The players have to think a lot to defeat their enemy. The setting of the games are in the world of Azeroth, which is a high fantasy setting. The main focus of the setting is on human and the orcs have arrived from another world, which is referred as Draenor or Outland. Then the story begins. Unlike Starcraft Warcraft actually has some story.

Around the world, this game is considered the most addicting game that people play. The people are not able to help themselves from playing World of Warcraft. They play games about six to seven hours a day with their characters. The people say that they are not addicted to the game; however they are very addicted to the game. In this game there are also different races. For example there are orcs, humans, night elf, and undead. People tend to play night elf or orcs because those two are the races that are the easiest. Undead is the hardest to play. Unlike these people I play human. The company that owns this game is Blizzard Entertainment, which made Starcraft, too.

Due to this game, many people are being game addicts who cannot be successful socially. Even though the game is fun, people should find different things that could make them happy, such as reading.